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Commercial Cable Products: Lighting, Cable in Conduit, VFD, LSZH XHHW-2

Draka, a brand of the Prysmian Group, manufactures cables that are tough and highly resistant to moisture and corrosion as well as suitable for wet or dry installations. For decades, industries have relied on the Draka brand for high-quality wire and cable solutions. Their innovative designs and custom-engineered materials provide for longer cable life, resulting in reduced down-time, increased production and substantially lowered costs.

Prysmian’s Draka brand serves an extensive range of markets with a comprehensive array of durable and dependable wire and cable products.

  • Engineered cable solutions for demanding environments
  • Extensive selection of industry-standard tray-rated cables
  • MSHA-rated power, control and communication cables
  • Market leader for power and control cables for center-pivot irrigation systems

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Draka Cable

Prysmian Group

Product Spotlight: Cable In Conduit (CIC) Pre-installed Cable in Duct

HDPE Duct with factory installed cableSchedule 40 & 80 / TC7EXCELLENT SOURCE FOR COST SAVINGS!

Once cable-in-duct is installed job is complete, no cable pulls are required. Cable-In-Duct is easy to install.

Most types of cable can be easily pre-installed in duct at the factory.

Applications are:

  • Airport runways
  • Parking Lots
  • Highway/ road lighting
  • Large Campuses
  • Golf courses
  • Sports fields/Stadiums
  • Camp grounds/Parks
  • Fiber Optic runs
  • Other

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Cable in Conduit
Cable in Conduit for Trenches
Cable in Conduit for Bore
Cable in Conduit for Plows

Airport Lighting Cable

Airport Lighting Cable - Prysmian Group

HDPE Duct Products

HDPE Duct Products - Draka

20 – 10 Control Cables


These heavy duty cables are particularly suited for substation control functions, and can also be used for general purpose control circuits in industrial applications.

They are semi-flexible, suitable for AC or DC use in dry or wet locations and can be used as aerial cables, installed in conduit or troughs or they can be directly buried.

The cables are available at two rated voltages — 600 volt for general control purposes and for protective devices, and 1000 volt for use where high voltages are caused by break- ing inductive circuits. The PE/PVC insulated conductors have excellent physical and electrical properties; the PVC jacket offers superior oil, chemical and moisture resistance.

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20 – 10 Control Cables - Prysmian Group

Power and Control Tray Cable

XHHW-2-PVC or CPE Jacket

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Power and Control Tray Cable - Prysmian Group

Type MV-90 Power Cable


MV-90 CABLES are for medium voltage power transmission of up to 2400 volts. All Draka MV-90 cables are UL listed as intended for use in accordance with NEC Article 310-6 in wet or dry locations up to 90oC. They are also suitable for use in conduit, duct, aerial and direct burial installations up to 2400 volts.

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Type MV-90 Power Cable  Prysmian Group

Type MC Power Cable


For use as power and control circuits in industrial plants. Type MC cable is approved for use where exposed to direct sunlight or in cable trays or directly buried and in Class I Division 2, Class II Divisions 2, Class lll Divisions 1 and 2, Hazardous Locations as defined in Articles 500, 501, 502 and 503 of the National Electrical Code (NEC).

This flame-retardant cable complies with UL Tray and ICEA T-30-520 for 70,000 BTU/HR. The finished cable also passes the 210,000 BTU/HR vertical tray flame test detailed in T-29 520.

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MC Power Cable - Prysmian Group



600V Low Smoke Zero Halogen XHHW-2

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VFD Cables


Power Cable for Low Frequency Drives

PVC Nylon Insulation, PVC Jacket VFD Cables

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XLPE Insulation, PVC Jacket VFD Cables

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VFD Cables - Prysmian Group