Engineered Cable Solutions for Material Handling, Mining and Seaport Cranes

  • Automation Power & Control Cables

    DCI has Exclusive Experience in Automation Cable Products. We specialize in Robotics Cables, Material Handling, Automotive Power and Control Body Shop Cables, Robotic Trans-Gun Welding Cables, High Flex Power & Control and Robotic Paint System Cables.


    DCI represents high performance cable products for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and the Offshore Marine industries. Product applications include Drilling, Extraction, Top Drives, Platform and Processing Facilities.

  • Power Cables for Power Generation,Substation Control, Commercial & Industrial Applications

    DCI is a Leading Representative of Power and Lighting Wire and Cable Products. We Specialize in Cables for the Energy Markets, Commercial & Industrial Power Cables, URD, MV-90, MV-105, Armored Power, Airguard, Airbag, Highway Lighting, Parking Lot & Cityscape Lighting, FAA-L824C Airport Lighting Cables, Cable-In -Conduit, CIC and Sub Station Control Cables.

  • Wire and Cable Products for Heavy Duty Applications and Harsh Environments

    DCI Represents Wire & Cable Engineered to Preform in Heavy Duty and Harsh Environments. Cable Applications Include; Steel Processing, Petro/Chemical Refineries, Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation, Sea Ports, Overhead & Container Cranes, Festoon Systems and Welding Applications.

  • Cabinets, Enclosures, Cable Tray, Raceway and Duct Products

    DCI represents industry leading products to support the Physical Layer in Data Applications and Data Centers. Including Racks, Cabinets, Enclosures & Climate Control, Corrugated Plenum & Riser Rated Innerduct Raceway and UL Listed Cable Basket Tray.

  • Fiber optic cable, connectivity components, testing and splice products

    DCI is the single source for End-to-End Fiber Solutions. Products include; Loose Tube Cable, Premise Cable, ADSS Cable Aerial-Self-Supporting, Rack Mount Splice Enclosures, Indoor Wall Mount Panels, Outdoor Splice Closures, Connectors, Jumper Assemblies, Fusion Splicing Systems, Test and Inspection Tools.


Welcome to DCI Sales

DCI Sales provides premier representation for premier manufacturers. Our unique multiple market experience, knowledge and support creates profitable results for manufacturers, distributors and end users. DCI is the direct link between the manufacturer and the solution or requirement. We support every channel of the product cycle from engineering to delivery. DCI’s primary focus is in the fiber optic, electrical and electronic wire and cable markets including, connectivity, enclosures and cable tray technologies. Featuring AFL FAST Connectors, ADSS Fiber, Fusion Splicers, AFL Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable. Draka Autoflex Cables, Trans-Gun Weld Cables. Hammond Racks & Enclosures, James Monroe Wire & Cable, Prysmian Cables, The Prysmian Group. Draka Marine Oil & Gas Cables..

Providing representation for the following manufacturers:

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AFL Telecommunications – Fiber Optic Cable, Connectivity,Test Equipment and Fusion Splicers.

Hammond Manufacturing – Enclosures, Racks, Cable Management and Junction Boxes.

Cable-Mgr / Wiremaid – Bolt Together UL Listed Wire Basket Cable Trays.

Draka – Autoflex CFP, Autoflex CFP Reduced Diameter, Autoflex TC, Autoflex TCP, Autoflex 360, Industrial, Robotic and  Automotive Power and Control Cables.

Draka / Marine, Oil and Gas Cable Products-Drilling, Top Drive, Rig, Off Shore Cables.

Draka/Prysmian Group-Commercial and Lighting Cables– Commercial, Lighting, Cable-In-Conduit and Utility Wire and Cable.

James Monroe Wire & Cable – Custom Wire and Cable Products.

Prysmian Cable Systems– Medium Voltage Power Cables,  Armored and AirGuard Cables.

Draka/Prysmian Group-Crane and Material Handling Cables –Reeling and Festoon Cables. 

Draka/Prysmian Group-Lifeline CablesFire Rated Cables