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Mining Cable for Industrial, Commercial and Specialty Applications

Anaconda® Brand—when it comes to reliability and performance in a mining cable, one name stands alone. Anaconda® Brand— the world’s premier extra- heavy-duty mining-grade cable.

Engineered to endure the most severe and extreme demands of the toughest mining applications. In a class by itself, Anaconda® Brand sets the industry’s highest performance standard by which all others are measured. With a reinforced, two-layer, lead-cured thermoset jacket, Anaconda® Brand mining cables provide for the ultimate in protection against the worst hazards and give new meaning to dependable, durable and reliable. When the very best is a basic requirement, there is only one preferred choice, Anaconda® Brand mining cables.

Our Anaconda® Brand mining-grade products carry a full range of listings and certifications with MSHA and the Canadian Standard Association. In addition, the products meet or exceed the requirements of ICEA S-75-381 Portable and Power-Feeder Cables for use in mines and similar applications.

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Product Spotlight: Type VFD-BGC 2kV Cable

For everything from shuttle cars, drills and loading machines, to roof bolters, longwall shearers, drag walls and shovels, Anaconda® Brand lead-cured portable and trailing mining cables are engineered to exceed ICEA, CSA and MSHA compliances for use with a variety of mining equipment in severe applications where maximum safety and frequent relocation is necessary.

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Type W Power Cable, Flat and Round


Type G, Type G-GC, Type G-CGC, Flat and Round Power Cable

Type SHD, Type SHD-GC, Type SHD-CGC, Type SHD-BGC Flat and Round 2kV and 5kV Power Cables

Type VFD-BGC 2kV Cables

Type MP-GC 5kV, 8kV, 25kV Mine Power Feeder Cables